Dear Aurora Chamber of Commerce members,

The Town’s Aurora Promenade Plan highlights the potential for a Business Improvement Association (BIA) as a significant contributor to downtown revitalization. The Town has been actively supporting business owners in the downtown core to help establish a BIA.

A BIA allows local business people and property owners to join together with the support of the municipality, to organize, finance and carry out physical improvement and promote economic development in their district. There are now more than 230 BIAs in place across the province. They vary in size and offer a self-help approach to revitalizing business districts. I want to thank the Aurora Chamber of Commerce and the Town’s BIA Steering Committee for your commitment to this initiative. I look forward to seeing a BIA in downtown Aurora. The timing of this initiative could not be better with the Town proceeding with significant projects to enhance Aurora’s downtown area at both Library Square and the Aurora Armoury.

The Town of Aurora is currently looking into options to enter into an agreement with Rogers Communications for a small cell technology pilot project. The Town entered into a similar agreement with Bell Canada last year. This new agreement with Rogers would give Aurora an opportunity to expand connectivity even further and address the increasing demands for improved data coverage.  

The pilot would also facilitate wireless data improvements for businesses and residents, secure investment in municipal facilities, and make progress towards strategic plan, business retention and expansion goals for broadband connectivity. Broadband and wireless connectivity are key drivers for economic development, as internet and data needs becoming a pre-requisite service for business, like roads, water, and electricity.

If you have any questions about the BIA or the small cell technology project, please contact Economic Development at 905-726-4742. Do you have any suggestions on how the Town can enhance its support for local businesses? Please send me an email at or call my office at 905-726-4741.