Today was the kick off for National Compost Week.

I joined representatives from the Compost Council of Canada, the York Region Food Network, Miller Compost and local gardeners at the Aurora Community Garden on Industrial Parkway South.

Last year there was a demonstration of layered gardening – looks a bit like making lasagna. This year there was a demonstration of covered row gardening. Different techniques to compensate for some of the challenges in this area. Especially the weather variations this year!

In conjunction with the York Region Food Network, the Aurora Community Garden started in 1996 and there are now 56 families who have plots here. York Region Food Network operates one of the largest community garden programs in Ontario. And, with the assistance of Miller Compost, one of the healthiest!

It’s a little known fact that over the last 100 years or so, as a result of the reduction of crop rotation, our soils have lost about 50% of their nutrient content. Composting is an excellent way to replenish the soil. So, thanks to Miller for their donation of compost to the Aurora Community Garden.

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