Highlights of Aurora Town Council Meeting of Tuesday, July 11

Sport Aurora School Athletes of the Year

Alan Dean, a representative from Sport Aurora, made a presentation to Council recognizing the hard work of the 2017 School Athletes of the Year. The following young athletes in Aurora were recognized:

Ecole Renaissance

  • Olivia Fasan
  • Jordan Babcock

Light of Christ

  • Lara Jorgensen
  • Christopher Jorstad

St Maximillian Kolbe

  • Morgan Graham
  • Brayden Futterer

Our Lady of Grace

  •  Lucinda Eveleigh
  •  Alex Morra

Cardinal Carter

  • Vanessa Carvella
  • Marko Micic

St. Joseph

  • Claire DiLosi
  • Calum Ormond

St. Andrew’s College 

  • Walter Karabin

St. Jerome

  • Vanessa Tiberio
  • Ryan Nembhard

Aurora High School

  • Andrea Christakkakos
  • Andrew Sergejawich

Regency Acres Public School

  • Alyson Malowney
  •  Maya Talazzi
  • Markus Law-Heese

Highview Public School

  • Holly Biasi
  • Jonathan Polinni

Hartman Public School

  • Emily Kroi

Lester B Pearson

  • Juliann Nguyen
  • Jack Sutherland

2017 John West Memorial Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship

A presentation was made to Council by Julie Stephenson, Youth Programmer and Gregory Peri, Youth and Community Development Coordinator announcing the John West Memorial Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship recipient. The recipient is Heba Shahaed from Aurora High School.

The Town of Aurora believes in recognizing students, who have made a positive impact in our community and inspire and give us hope for the future. For more information on the John West Memorial Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship, please visit aurora.ca.

Restoration of retaining wall and stairs at the Temperance Street parking lot

Aurora Town Council approved a recommendation to repair a deteriorating retaining wall and stairway in the vicinity of the Temperance Street parking lot. The wall and stairway are located on the north side of the lot. The stairs are used frequently by patrons and residents accessing Yonge Street businesses and who reside in the downtown area. Staff will create a detailed design to restore the area and issue a formal quotation to retain a contractor. The project will start later this summer with estimated completion in the fall of 2017.

Tax exempt status for Sports Dome

Aurora Town Council approved a report to declare the Aurora Sports Dome (Soccer Dome) as a Municipal Capital Facility for the purposes of the municipality and for public use. The land the dome is on will be exempt from all taxes including municipal, regional and educational.

Town continues partnership with Sport Aurora

Aurora Town Council approved a recommendation to renew the service agreement with Sport Aurora. Sport Aurora has been active in completing tasks and working with Town staff to execute goals in Aurora’s Sport Plan. Sport Aurora is a vital partner in the delivery, education and preparation of sport in Aurora. The contract for services and support from Sport Aurora has been renewed until December 31, 2017

2017 Town of Aurora Student Academic Achievement Awards

Congratulations to the 2017 Town of Aurora Student Academic Achievement Award Winners. Each year the Town of Aurora awards two grade 12 students from each high school with the Town of Aurora, a Student Academic Achievement Award to honour their significant academic achievements.

Each high school selects the recipients based on high academic achievement (minimum 80 per cent). Recipients must also be a resident of Aurora. The Town of Aurora is pleased to have once again sponsored the awards and presented the 2017 winners at the following high school graduation ceremonies:

Aurora High School
• Rachel Bradley and Jakub Sokolowski

Cardinal Carter Catholic High School
• Sofia Ali and Finn Dodgson

Dr. G. W. Williams Secondary School
• Sarah Howard and Rene Nah

École Secondaire catholique Renaissance
• Alexandra Husack and Alexandre Akiki

St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic High School
• Taylor Paton and Matthew Minchella

Mayor Geoffrey Dawe and Aurora Town Council extend best wishes to all the recipients.

Highland Gate Conceptual Parkland Design

Aurora Town Council approved a recommendation of the conceptual parkland design in the Highland Gate Development lands. A working group, consisting of Town Staff and Highland Gate residents, will now meet to discuss exactly what features that are not instituted in the Minutes of Settlement will be included in the park

Aurora United Church Official Plan and Zoning-Bylaw Amendment Applications

On July 11, 2017 Aurora Town Council approved the General Committee recommendation to approve the Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw Amendment applications on the Aurora United Church lands. Official Plan Amendment No.16 was approved to amend the Promenade Plan applying to the Aurora United Church lands which permits an increase in the maximum building height from five storeys to seven storeys. The approvals permit a place of worship and a 152-suite retirement residence. The Zoning By-law Amendment will be presented at a future meeting following Council’s consideration and approval of the site plan application.

Next meeting of Aurora Town Council

The next meeting of Aurora Town Council is scheduled to take place on August 8, 2017 at 7 p.m. in Town Hall Council Chambers, located at 100 John West Way. Please check the Town’s website for any cancellations or date changes.

Additional Council Information

Comprehensive Minutes of Aurora Town Council Meetings, which detail the full list of Council decisions, are available under Agendas and Minutes on the Town of Aurora website. Minutes are available on the Friday afternoon following Council