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snapd Aurora, November 2014

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(As published in the November 2014 edition of snapd) Fall has brought plenty of excitement to The Town of Aurora. By the time my article is published, we will have concluded our municipal election. I had the opportunity to speak with many residents over the past several weeks and it was very gratifying to see so many engaged in matters that [...]

A Bold Plan for Downtown!

Parking, Parking everywhere….. I attended a very interesting information session yesterday on the formation of a Business Improvement Area for downtown Aurora. Not surprisingly, one of the issues raised was parking. But, what was surprising, was the answer from one of the guest speakers. Ron Palmer is a Principal in both the Planning Pa [...]

Yes Virginia, we are paying, and payi...

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I got a tweet just a bit earlier tonight in response to a statement I made in my last post “A Unique 10 Point Plan?” Specifically, in response to my statement: “His 10th point “Ensure Fiscal Responsibility and Best Value for Every Tax Dollar” is not from the Town’s Strategic Plan, but is (or should be) an essential element o [...]

A Unique 10 Point Plan?

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On October 1st, John Gallo released his much ballyhooed 10 Point Plan “Imagine Aurora 2030”. If this was his term paper, and I was the teacher, he would receive an F. Why? Because it is a cut and paste; a copy; a repackaging of the Town of Aurora’s Strategic Plan: “2011 – 2013: Today, tomorrow, our future together” This document 10 Point Comp [...]

All Candidates Meeting

(The following is my opening speech from the All Candidates Meeting at Town Hall on Sunday, October 5th) Good afternoon. My thanks to the Aurora Public Library for organizing today’s event and to Bob McRoberts for moderating. It is very encouraging to see so many people here today. Listening and  getting informed. This is the power of the peo [...]

Moral outrage on development? Or croc...

Crocodile Tears
On Wednesday September 24th , Council, at its public planning meeting, heard an application to rezone a piece of property on the north-east corner of Bayview Avenue and St. John’s Sideroad. The purpose was to seek permission to change the zoning on a parcel of land from “Convenience Commercial” to “Community Commercial. The property owner wan [...]

“Imagine…Aurora 2031̸...

AURORA 2031 “AN INNOVATIVE AND SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY WHERE NEIGHBOURS CARE AND BUSINESSES THRIVE” Early in this term of Council, we asked residents to “Imagine… Aurora in 2031”. And that is what you did.  Through over a year of consultations and countless meetings and community engagement opportunities, residents of Aurora contributed and sha [...]

A New Hotel for Aurora?

I have had a number of meetings with Frank Stronach in which we talked about the future of Aurora. As Mayor, Mr. Stronach was seeking my input on future needs of our Town to be included in development plans he has for the land he owns on the southside of Wellington from Bayview to Leslie. I brought forward the need for a convention centre [...]

snapd Aurora, October 2014

snapd turtle
(As Published in the October edition of snapd Aurora) With October upon us, and thoughts of Thanksgiving and the upcoming municipal election, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on Aurora’s many accomplishments over the past year. We had another great Ribfest celebration last month with a tremendously positive “buzz” about headline acts Glass [...]

snapd Aurora, September 2014

snapd Aurora, September 2014
(As published in the September 2014 edition of snapd Aurora) I hope everyone had a relaxing summer break and had the chance to participate in some of the great music, movie and theatre events offered by the Town throughout July and August. It was a busy summer at Town Hall, one that saw us welcome a new member of Council – Don Constable. I wo [...]

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