In this crazy, hectic world of Municipal Politics, it is easy to get caught up in the “busy” work and forget some of the basics. 

And, with today being Father’s Day, one of the most important basics, (at least for me), is being a Father!

Henny and I have three daughters: Joanne, who is a Naturopathic Doctor in Saskatoon; Kathryn who is a teacher in the York Region District School Board; and Kristen, who is a project manager for a multi-national IT Services company in Toronto. All are established and doing very well, and we are immensely proud of all three. 

Those who are parents will appreciate that while you may secretly want your children to be the next “superstar” (of whatever), you really just want them to be healthy and happy. You hope to set a good standard for them, so they will become positive contributing members of society. 

And, on that note, one of the most powerful thing that has happened to me as a Father is an email I received in September of 2010, the first time I was running for Mayor. Kathryn and Kristen had been out campaigning for me (they are definitely the dynamic duo!). 

The email was from a resident who stated that she really was having a difficult time deciding who to vote for (there were 5 running for the position). But, she was so impressed after talking with Kathryn and Kristen, that she decided that she would vote for me. 

Obviously, I appreciated the vote! But I appreciated the compliment more.

It was apparent to me that regardless of the outcome of the election I was already a big winner!

So for me, Father’s Day is the celebration of our Daughters!

Best wishes to all.