In 2010, I asked to be your Mayor, to put Aurora back on course, to put “the Aura back in Aurora” and, that is what we have done!

Through hard work and collaboration, initiatives that have been stalled for years or even decades have been brought to fruition. Not with great fanfare. Not with back slapping self-congratulation. Just doing the job expected by the people who put their faith in us.

Under my leadership:

  • We have seen a recommitment of Council and community support for the Cultural Centre, with a new agreement that provides the transparency and accountability that our taxpayers expect.
  • We have seen Canada’s largest bulk food retailer – Bulk Barn – choose Aurora as the location for its new head office and distribution centre – bringing hundreds of jobs.
  • We have seen over 10 million dollars of private sector investment in our historic downtown core – within a 2 minute walk of Yonge and Wellington …  Solid proof that we are creating an environment where businesses are willing to invest.
  • We have seen a private citizen – Mr. Frank Stronach – step forward to create an ECO park – a multi-million dollar legacy that will distinguish the Town of Aurora for years to come!

We have accomplished much because we worked together. But, as proud as I am of what has been achieved, I am equally excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie before us. I am firmly committed to building a stronger community and a better future for our residents.

To do so, as Aurora’s Mayor I will continue to focus on:


  1. Put public interest before personal interest
  2. Lead by example
  3. Tackle the tough issues facing Aurora


  1. Build strong community relationships for all Aurorans
  2. Promote investment in our historic downtown and throughout Aurora
  3. Engage in our community and participate in the rich diversity of events held within and around our Town


  1. Advocate strategic planning to reduce property tax pressures
  2. Furthers high quality Town services for residents and businesses
  3. Support a positive work environment for Town employees

I firmly believe that we are at another significant crossroad in our history. In the last election, Aurora clearly demonstrated that change was needed. Not a “change for change’s sake” … But real change. Aurorans elected me, because I represented positive change, for the benefit of all residents.

And, now, after four years of stability, four years of positive community growth, we are faced with a choice – do we want to continue to build Aurora? To continue to create an environment where Aurora is the best place to live in York Region and one of the best in Canada?

I know what I want for Henny and me … for our children … and for our children’s children. I am proud to call Aurora home! And, that is why I am running again to be your Mayor.

It has been an honour to serve as  Mayor of Aurora, and with your help, I look forward to continuing as Aurora’s Mayor for the next four years.