I understand that to be an effective leader, if you want to achieve anything, you can’t do it alone.  You have to work with people. Collaboration is what brings the best results.

In fact the best leaders lead by developing ideas, developing people and developing other leaders. When I took office in 2010, I had three leadership priorities: Leadership in Town Hall, in the council chambers and in the community.

Leadership in Town Hall

In 2010, my first priority was to address the reality of poor staff morale. And most important – to stem the tide of staff turnover. On December 1st, 2010 – my first day on the job – I met with the senior management team, held up a copy of the Globe & Mail Top 100 Employers and asked why the Town of Aurora wasn’t one of them. I clearly stated that my goal was to be on that list. And I am proud to say, we’ve met that challenge by achieving an honourable mention on the list of 100 top employers.

A pretty solid indicator that our organizational leadership is on the right track.

Leadership in the Council Chambers

My second priority was to re-establish decorum at the Council table. Council is the decision making body and the Mayor leads council. A leader understands that debate is healthy but active discord and rancour is counter-productive to moving the Town’s business forward. Under my leadership, this council has been able to avoid much of the fractured and frankly hostile exchanges that typified past council debates. Frayed tempers have sometimes led to some heated exchanges at the Council table, but skirmishes did not become multi meeting wars. By being a strong leader, I have ensured that Town business is the top priority.

I am proud to say that I have kept order at the table, I have kept dignity in the Chamber and I have maintained the integrity of the Office of Mayor.

Leadership in the Community

I re-established the Mayor’s Charity Golf Tournament, which has helped so many in our Community.  I drove a new agreement with the Aurora Cultural Centre which brought the accountability our residents deserve. I understand the necessity of being in the community when there is a crisis – such as the ice storm just before Christmas or the recent fire at the United Church.

As Mayor I do what I can to ensure that the community has the right information and access to the best resources.

As we move into the next 4 years, if elected, I will continue my collaborative leadership of Aurora by:

  1. Putting public interest before personal interest
  2. Leading by example
  3. Tackling the tough issues facing Aurora